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We offer a range of comprehensive publishing services designed to help authors achieve their goals. Our process begins with an exploratory call to understand your project and determine how our services can benefit you. From there, we provide tailored consultations, including discovery coaching sessions to review your publishing strategy, book launch consultations to ensure a successful release, and content development consultations to enhance the impact of your book.

We also offer flexible self-publishing or hybrid publishing services combining professional expertise and author control.

We specialize in providing editing, design, and distribution support for authors and nonprofit organizations, along with consulting services focused on sponsorship, marketing, and community outreach. We aim to empower authors and amplify their voices, offering comprehensive solutions to make their publishing dreams a reality.

What We

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Exploratory Call

15 Minutes - FREE

Book a complimentary, brief virtual meeting to discuss your project and identify if any of our services may help you achieve your publishing goals. Limit one call per client and by appointment only.

Discovery Coaching Session

30 Minutes

We will perform a one-on-one review of your publishing strategy—editorial, marketing (social media, etc.), branding, etc.—and provide a potential recommendation.

Book Launch Consultation

60 Minutes +

In a book launch consultation, we provide a range of services to empower you to succeed whether you self-publish or partner with us for a hybrid publishing. We assist with writing a captivating book and creating a persuasive proposal. We also help you identify your target audience and how to reach them. We focus on guiding you to build your online presence as an author and connecting with potential readers. Lastly, we work together to plan an exciting book launch using effective marketing strategies and promotional events. Our goal is to make your book launch a success and help you achieve your publishing dreams.


Our team will help you in:

  • Writing a strong book proposal

  • Defining your target audience

  • Building your platform as an author

  • Strategizing a book launch

Content Development Consultation

60 Minutes +

Content development is a vital part of what we do. Our strongest skill set is helping you shape and improve the content of your book so that it engages readers and gets your message across effectively. Our team works closely with you to develop ideas, structure the manuscript, and make it better overall. We offer valuable advice and guidance through our consultations to optimize your book's content for the best impact. Our consulting services go beyond book development and cover marketing, distribution, and industry trends. We aim to provide a comprehensive content development experience that supports authors and helps their work shine in a competitive market.


We’ll cover:

  • Honing your ideas to develop a compelling, targeted topic

  • Developing the structure for your book

  • Managing the content flow

  • Creating content to promote your book

Self-publishing or Hybrid Publishing Services

60 Minutes +

We can offer self-publishing advice and help guide you on your publishing journey.

Our hybrid publishing services, however, offer the best of traditional and self-publishing to give you, the author, more control over your book while still accessing professional expertise.

With our services, you retain the rights to your work and have a say in the publishing process. We help with editing, design, and distribution, ensuring your book meets industry standards. Our goal is to empower authors by providing flexible and customizable publishing options that suit their individual needs.


Some services offered:

  • Virtual publishing advice

  • Feedback on any step in the publishing process

  • Assistance in drafting a book proposal or providing guidance/feedback.

  • Q&A sessions on editing, distribution, etc.

Nonprofit/Association Publishing Consultation

60 Minutes +

Our “sweet spot” is extensive experience and knowledge of nonprofit organization publications and how to leverage them to make a positive impact. We assist in bringing books, journals, and content to a higher level, providing editing, design, and distribution support. Our team understands the unique challenges of nonprofits and focuses on promoting books that align with their missions. We also offer consulting services, providing guidance on various aspects of publishing, such as sponsorship, marketing, and community outreach. Our goal is to empower nonprofit authors and organizations by offering accessible and specialized services that amplify their voices and advance their causes.


We’ll cover:

  • Charting your organization’s strategic goals to your vision for publications

  • Evaluating current publishing operations (clients w/ an in-house publications department)

  • Conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis

  • Mind mapping your vision to start a publishing department (clients w/o an in-house publications department)

  • Writing a plan for launching a publications team

  • Discovering what content can be curated and identifying content gaps

Lillian and I crossed paths while we were working at the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). She was always professional, kind, and friendly to me and everyone else. Her editorial work was fantastic! We stayed in touch after our departures from NAVC. I love her and her work so much that I asked her to be the Chief Editor of PetZONE360's Online Newsletter. I could not have been so happy and blessed to have her help us and be a part of our growing team. I highly recommend Lillian to anyone needing her expertise.

Manolita Moore, Founder and CEO of PetZone360 / COO of Simulocity

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