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Empowering Your Publishing Success

WoW Media Publishing Consultants LLC


Empowering Nonprofit Organizations & Independent Authors

WoW Media offers quality publishing consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the peer-review process for STEM (scientific, technical, educational, and medical) journals and books enable us to support organizations in showcasing their groundbreaking research and educational content. Our team of publishing professionals understands the unique challenges and requirements of the nonprofit sector, ensuring that your work receives the attention and recognition it deserves.

For independent authors seeking the best of both traditional and self-publishing, WoW Media offers a hybrid-publishing model approach via its book imprint, Fina Press.


With our hybrid-publishing services, you can enjoy the benefits of self-publishing, such as greater control over the creative process and faster time-to-market, while also leveraging our team's knowledge and skills to ensure the highest quality for your book. We provide services tailored to your needs, from editing and design to distribution and marketing support.


WoW Media/Fina Press empowers authors to bring their literary visions to life with a flexible and customizable publishing experience that delivers outstanding results.

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