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Lillian has an impressive track record of serving as a book coach, project manager, and publisher, leading to remarkable success for her clients. Her collaboration with Dr. Colbert resulted in a New York Times bestseller, showcasing her expertise as a development editor and book coach. From her work with Luciana on We Culture: 12 Skills for Growing Teams in the Future of Work, which exceeded expectations with a second reprint within six months, to her instrumental role as senior editor for Deloitte's Human Capital as a Service area, where she built the foundation for content templates and collaborated with senior researchers, Lillian consistently delivers exceptional results. Her current collaborative partnership with PetZone360(tm) as chief editor for their online newsletter.

Luciana Paulise

We Culture: 12 Skills for Growing Teams in the Future of Work (2022)

Lillian served as book coach, project manager, and publisher for Luciana’s second book, We Culture: 12 Skills for Growing Teams in the Future of Work. Lillian helped the author structure the content to include tips and end-of-chapter tools so customers can immediately implement the concepts taught in the book. Lillian partnered with Luciana on a marketing campaign, including a book signing in 2022 at the ASQ’s largest conference, World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) and promotion through her regular column on The book went to a second reprint within six months, exceeding initial print run expectations.

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Author, Luciana Paulise is CEO of Biztorming Training & Consulting LLC and a regular contributor to Forbesmagazine online.


Deloitte’s Insight2Action™ HR Technology Landscape Series

As senior editor for Deloitte’s Human Capital as a Service (HCaaS) area, Lillian was instrumental in creating an entire portfolio of content and built the foundation of the HR Technology Landscape content templates. From infographics and vlogs to executive summaries for the C-Suite, Lillian collaborated with the senior researcher of the HR Technology area.


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Don Colbert, MD

The Seven Pillars of Health (2006)

Lillian served as development editor and book coach to Dr. Colbert in collaborating with him to publish his book, which became a New York Times bestseller.

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PetZONE360™ was designed to cater to the needs of pet parents. It provides a variety of resources curated specifically for pet owners, including products, services, community forums, and more. Lillian's involvement as Chief Editor for the e-newsletter since the launch of the PetZONE360™ platform has elevated its content by introducing contributions from some of the top veterinary professionals in the industry.

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